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Save $$ with our NZ Package Rates

Booking with a quality travel agent has never been more important than now, as we navigate the limited reopening of our borders.

Having an expert on hand with direct contact provides a huge time saving, should anything need to be changed to your holiday you won’t be left sitting on hold for hours as airlines and overseas accommodation platforms are slammed with incoming calls. Should an unfortunate situation happen and your trip need to be re-arranged, we do the legwork saving you hours of time and we waive our change fees when travel is impacted by Covid-related border closures.

But on top of the obvious service benefits, we consistently provide a fantastic price advantage via our range of suppliers. Again we do the heavy lifting, checking a range of traditional wholesalers, direct booking as well as major online travel agencies (including Expedia) so that you get the best deals available. We also have access to a range of package rates that cannot be individually disclosed to clients in the booking process. That’s right, many providers now provide even cheaper rates through our agency channels but do not want those to be advertised or broken down so that they can maintain their higher prices direct whilst attracting agency customers with more attractive offers. The caveat to these deals is that we must be booking something else with it to ‘package it up. This can be car hire, airfares or attraction bookings depending on the circumstances.

How much can you save? It can be significant depending on the property and we can hunt out these special package rates for optimal savings. Here’s a recent example for a family of 4 travelling to Queenstown for the upcoming winter. Due to the conditions of package rates we cannot disclose the specific property in the example but it was for a stay in a major, centrally located hotel.

7 nights for 2 adults, 2 children in a 4.5*, 2 bedroom apartment.
Direct booking = NZ3672, approx AUD3404 plus foreign currency costs
Expedia = AUD3595
Our package price = AUD3193!
Saving = $211 or 6%! Plus, our rate at this property was still flexible and could be cancelled up until 2 days prior.

Using a travel agency doesn’t have to be some sort of outdated concept, there are still specialists and professionals who work in travel as in any industry and there are significant benefits in outsourcing your travel bookings. Book your NZ trip with our team today and experience the difference with a team of true travel experts.


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